Posted by: rocketbride | September 23, 2012

we have this ministry

september 23

Today in church we sang “We Have This Ministry.” I thought about this song at several points later in the day.

When a man approached me on my way in to tea, and asked me for a dollar because his stomach hurt. He helped me with my many belongings while I held Maggie in one arm and fished through my purse with the other. The only bill I had was a ten, so I gave it to him.

And later, when the shower was wrapping up, I offered to take Paisley home because she didn’t want to be alone in the house while Juuki ran errands in the city. We ended up sitting in the living room, talking for hours about boys. I think I may be helping her get a dress and/or making her a friendship bracelet. I’m not sure.

In between those two things, though, it was all decadence and tiny hats.

maggie goes to a tea party


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