Posted by: rocketbride | September 24, 2012

not tired

At the risk of coming off new-agey, I’ve decided to follow up my “I’m not calling myself busy” idea with the similar “I’m not calling myself tired.” As the same article points out, people who are actually tired don’t have the time to complain. I am lucky that my job allows me to rest for significant portions of the time when I can’t get enough sleep, and I am lucky that I have the money to eat properly. I am also very lucky that I can allow myself to be tired, and that I don’t have to push myself through major housekeeping chores when I am short on sleep. Mason cooked a wonderful lasagne tonight, and cleaned up when I was at my running clinic. I lead a very wonderful life.

That being said, I think there’s something significant in the fact that I came into work today with a whole case of Diet Coke. No pissing around with single cans: I’m getting a crate today.


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