Posted by: rocketbride | September 28, 2012

end to end to end

Last night was supposed to be my night to catch up on sleep, but a little baby who shall remain nameless had an uncharacteristically restless night, so that went out the window. Because I was sleepy and distracted in the morning, I forgot to grab the ice cream cake for my co-worker, so I had to quickly drive home after my on-call. This took up my entire prep period, so I couldn’t run. Lunch was all cake and socializing, leading directly to two periods of high-content lessons. After school I came home, got a bunch of camp stuff together, nursed the baby, and forced a very grumpy Blake to get in the car. We picked up Sage and had dinner and came home.

Now I’m sitting here, so headachey that I can barely focus my eyes, and thinking that if I just push myself a little, I can finish my book today. Not to mention the article idea that’s been swirling in my head since yesterday. Madness.


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