Posted by: rocketbride | September 29, 2012

ground beans

“Every day I love your pants.” – sage, when he saw me in my Hello Kitty pj bottoms

“Sage, you’re even less dressed than before.” – sage goes downstairs to turn his pants around; returns in his underwear, sucking his thumb and clutching a blankie.

Today the family was pulled in different directions. Mason was in charge of the farmer’s market, riding with Uncle and the produce. I was in charge of the kids, dropping Blake at cub camp and taking the other two to meet their dad. Blake was absolutely awful as soon as we arrived and I made him turn off his video game: going on and on about wanting to go home. Good thing I remember what he’s like when he comes home: happy and full of good memories. If I went by what he says when I drop him off, I would be convinced that camp is nothing but boring times. You know, the kind of slow soul torture that happens when you can’t play your video game or watch a Lego video? Sure you do.

My dad actually had to nerve to ask me why I sign him up for these things. Um, because when I asked him three times on three separate occasions, he said yes? Because when he was acting like a jerk before his meeting and I threatened to keep back the cheque that would pay for the weekend, he was even more freaked out at the thought of missing a chance to go to camp? I not only ask this kid before I sign him up for things, I ask this kid before I DON’T sign him up for things.

This may have been why my brother washed out at Beavers. Why soldier on if you know your kid is going to act up? Maybe because the alternative is watching them slug around the house all weekend. I get quite enough of that.

eating ground beans after closing up the withrow market.

After dropping His Supreme Sulkiness at camp, we went to the market. I think Bhavana is a bad influence on me. Her daughter is three days older than Maggie, and she just bought her a little awesome piano. I didn’t think I wanted a tiny piano, but now I’m desperately jealous. It’s three octaves of awesome.

little piano big trouble


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