Posted by: rocketbride | October 5, 2012

little wool pepper

I just came home from my annual pilgrimage to the BIAF. Also had dinner with three moms before we went to the theatre, so we mostly just walked around the gallery space and chatted. There was a noisy fun band outside, but it was too crowded and smoky so we stayed inside. It wasn’t tuba players in their underwear, but it was still excellent.

Today I tried to do everything, with not quite optimal results. I spent nearly all of my prep period finishing a bunch of marking, spent the remainder wolfing down a crappy leftover mall supper, and then went on library duty. Had ten great minutes in the staff caf with everyone eating farewell sheet cake, and then I went back upstairs to socialize a little more with my departing doppelganger (my maternity leave replacement was hired on, and then deported to another school as of next week). Since I didn’t have time to do my run, I did it as soon as Blake was off with his dad, taking Maggie for a spin in the jogging stroller. It…kind of sucked. It’s hard pushing her, harder than I had thought. But I stuck with it, and did my 5k, ending up at the rec centre twenty minutes before I was to meet with Nic. So Mason came up to hang out, and when Nic arrived we went in to work out. Then Nic drove me home, Mason went out for supper, and we ate it in front of the Daily Show.

I didn’t even tell you about the little hot pepper I made for my departing doppelganger in honour of inadvertently trying to kill her on Tuesday. Or the promise I made to Blake yesterday that I would let him stay home from school to play video games, a promise he thankfully decided to ignore. Or that I started writing next week’s column, but probably won’t get it finished until Tuesday because nothing motivates me like a deadline.

But I don’t suppose I need to list anything else to let you know that my life was packed, and I’m grateful for all of it.


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