Posted by: rocketbride | October 7, 2012

bringing the baby everywhere

Today is Thanksgiving, and the sermon was about something near and dear to my heart: busy-ness. My minister made the point that feeling busy comes from a sense of responsibility. The older you get, the more responsible you are, and thus the runaway feeling of busy-ness. I still don’t want to use the word, because I feel that the less I think of myself as busy, the more I think of myself as occupied which only makes me the more grateful for the people and activities that fill my life. I am not busy, I have a full life.

Yesterday’s Stag & Doe for Juuki & her inamorata went beautifully. We brought a tonne of prizes, a sinfully delicious mac n’ cheese casserole and our squawky baby. This was the second time that day we’d brought her to an adult party, the first being the Shake Shake Sheikh earlier in the day (Maggie has perfect attendance, having been to both of them held during her short life). I am always humbled and thrilled by how welcoming my fellow dancers are to my little baby. I sometimes expect a cold shoulder, a this-is-for-grown-ups narrowing of eyes and behind my back complaints to Valizan. Instead everyone talks to her, everyone grabs her crackers to delight in her four-tooth chewing, and everyone smiles at her when she sits in the audience spot, spread-legged in front of the mirror, and goggles at our flying skirts. Her waving and clapping energized me, and I did something I rarely do even in the safe environment of class: I signalled a calibrated spin. Because if they’re going to make me lead, I am going to goddamn well lead, even if it’s going to be into something that I’m still not all that good at…yet.

you want to make me lead, do you?!

The Buck & Doe was an even less appropriate venue for babies, but we left it too late to ask my dad, and we both kind of wanted to hang out with her anyway. She was cooed over and petted by a wide variety of folks, and while Mason & I were having fun tossing money around, she was eating buffet in an assortment of laps. I even got to dance her around to my own national anthem, which is the next best thing to bringing her to the dearly departed Garden.

We ended up leaving before many of the raffles had been awarded, but the party was thoroughly rocking and I assume that our early departure didn’t affect it all that much.


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