Posted by: rocketbride | October 8, 2012

5K chicken

Tonight Blake wanted to show me a Ninjago thing, and I begged off because I’ve been sleepy and cranky all afternoon. “If you’re sleepy,” he said sensibly, “why don’t you go to bed early?”

Why is my kid smarter than me?

oktoberfest 5k funrun

Today I completed my second 5k, the Oktoberfest Fun Run. This was slightly different from the Terry Fox run last month in that I got a number with timing chip, there was a proper bag check, and my kids weren’t allowed to just wander along behind me if it took their fancy. There was also time pressure, as the parade was scheduled to start five minutes after the race began, and I had visions of being punted aside by Onkel Hans if I slacked off. Fortunately for all concerned, I had the best race of my life, finishing a full 2 minutes faster than my fastest time despite a cruel kilometre-long incline near the start of the course. It helped that my last two songs were “One Great Town,” which always makes me think of Brian McQuarrie imitating Terry Fox, and “Sex Machine” which is just built to get you moving forward.

(You’re welcome.)

When I neared the end of the race, I swerved to high-five the big Moose, and then shot over to the other side of the course to get the Chicken’s attention. “Chicken!” I demanded, and he high-fived me too. After that there was nothing left to do but enjoy the bathroom, the pretzel and the hot Oktoberfest sausage. Not all at once, of course.


We were shuttled back to the start, and I rejoined my family who were enjoying the parade. I was in time for several floats, including the finale: the Boy’s aunt and uncle, driving vehicles that advertised their coach company. “It’s your aunt!” I yelled deliriously at Blake. “L—a!!” I screamed from the sidelines, and she honked right back at me. It was almost like I was back in the family, without having to be with the Boy. Awesome.

oktoberfest 5k funrun

And now, since I have three minutes before my official bedtime, I can still go early if I hustle.



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