Posted by: rocketbride | October 14, 2012

the dead travel aromatically

I did a lot of solo parenting today, widowed by the Garlic Festival. Mason went early with Bob to sell garlic, so I got the kids ready for the day, dropped them at my parents and ran in the rain with the last run club of the session. Then I came home, showered off the sweat and rain, and walked over to my parents to pick up the kids and walk them to church. Maggie didn’t have a nap this morning, so she was insane by the time she should have been quiet and adorable, and I spent much of the service trying to stop her from screeching like a pterodactyl. It took me three or four attempts to get out of there with both boys, but we finally managed to get home and grab a few things before heading downtown for the Festival.

toronto garlic festival

We all seemed to have a good time. We ate a lot of food including chocolate garlic ice cream (delicious!!), and the boys ran around until their obnoxiousness threatened other booths and I had to sequester them in the presentation area. I was just in time to hear a presentation by Elizabeth Miller, the world’s expert in vampire literature, a woman I have seen on teevee many times but never met. (She was the panel expert on Daniel Richler’s parody “Reach for the Crypt,” a program that Ian worked on and I saw when at C*8.) I quite enjoyed her talk on the garlic-vampire connection (and her delightful down home Newfoundland accent), and even got to ask a few questions about saint’s days and Lord Ruthven. Unfortunately, whenever I got the mike, my sons tried to breathe loudly into it, and when I was trying to look serious during the reply, Maggie was screaming and bouncing on my lap like a baboon. Sigh. I used to sit in rooms and think about books full-time, really I did.

my poorly-behaved children

(I’m not sure if it helped that Dr. Miller actually complimented me on the good behaviour of my children. I suppose that even though Blake’s feet were all over other chairs, the two weiners we call sons weren’t technically running amok.)

On the way home Blake had such a serious break-down about stopping his video game that we’ve decided to take it away for a month. Not as punishment for today, but to avoid further repeats of today. I fully expect that the next month will be a sea of flowers and good fellowship. Or it will be the same pissy little tantrums, only about books. We’ll see.



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