Posted by: rocketbride | October 15, 2012

later, chumps

Maggie & I went to a LLL meeting tonight. Somewhere along the line I dropped my keys, and I was out of the building before I realized it. We turned around and went back upstairs, hoping it was still in the room. I put Maggie down on the mats while the moms & I looked around, hoping that someone hadn’t picked it up by mistake. I finally found them under a stack of pillows, and when I turned around to pick up Maggie I found her on all fours, a good 4 inches away from where I had put her down.

This is a kid who didn’t start sitting until well into her 8th month, when we simply started propping her up. Unlike Blake, who was crawling away before he could sit, Maggie doesn’t seem interested in moving. Her only locomotion is to use her legs to spin around her seated behind. She doesn’t even really like to lean. We’ve been propping her into a standing position for a few weeks now, and she seems to like it, but she still doesn’t really pull up without assistance and she almost never goes on all-fours voluntarily. To see her start to crawl seems less of a milestone and more like she had the realization that if I were in charge, she would probably have to find her own way home. Too bad she pointed herself away from the door.

Speaking of Maggie, the obvious Hallowe’en costume has been determined and I was able to pick up material today. How I’m going to find sewing time is anyone’s guess. I suppose I could give up sleeping.


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