Posted by: rocketbride | October 19, 2012

my favourite metaphor yet

I have been working harder than a one-legged ballet dancer in a plié contest, and I finally get a day off tomorrow. Sure I could go sell veg with Mason and Bob; I could stick around for the annual Zombie Walk or hang out with Sarah after she’s done her errand. But I’m going to stay home with my kidlet and see how much I can get done on her birthday present. She’s turning 1 in four days and her pants aren’t going to knit themselves.

We had skits in class today. I’m not a drama teacher, so I approach this sort of thing with caution, but it can be refreshing to do something other than reading and writing. The topic was “decision-making” and my very favourite line was, “let’s go to the mall and forget about math!” followed closely by, “How are you?” “Fine, except I’m stuck in this wheelchair for the rest of my life.”

That, and I got to watch a tiny slice of “Slings & Arrows” in class, Blake is off to his dad’s for the weekend, Knit Night was tonight and I got an ice cream on the way home. So it was pretty much a perfect day.


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