Posted by: rocketbride | October 28, 2012

ladybug birthday

maggie's first birthday party

In honour of Maggie’s first birthday we held a big ol’ bash at my parents’ house this afternoon. I had hoped to take advantage of the big backyard and the changeable nature of October, thinking that it might be mild enough to have the kids play outside while the adults mingled. But we got a few storm systems wrestling for dominance instead, so 48 bodies shoehorned themselves into the house for a wild rumpus.

It was absolute chaos, with kids everywhere and snacks as far as the eye could see. Despite the hubbub, Maggie behaved extraordinarily well, allowing herself to be passed around by her many admirers and presiding over the gifts while older children opened them on her behalf and Ang dutifully took notes. When it was time for the cake, she sat on the table and allowed us to sing to her, then demolished a wee cupcake to the delight of everyone. She was, in three words, Best Baby Ever. Blake was not nearly so calm at his first birthday party, but I suppose my vast experience makes a big difference as well, in that I had low expectations and she exceeded them splendidly.

I was thrilled that so many people took it upon themselves to come to our party, that our neighbour could mingle with my cousin and my friend from Baby Time could chat with Scherezade’s husband. There were probably too many people, but I have a total weakness for crowds. There’s just something about seeing so many people you love in one place, eating chips and cracking jokes. Makes my heart grow.

maggie's first birthday party

(many more photos here)

As if this wasn’t enough for one weekend, yesterday we went to the New Year’s Eve party of the beer crowd: Cask Days. Mason has been excited about this since the minute he left the last one, an event I begged off, having just had a baby. I sent Ian in my place and they had a pretty great time together. Now Ian’s the one home with the baby, and it’s just Mason, me & Shotgun Milos holding down the fort.

I had a pretty good time, despite the fact that it was cold, rainy and many hours long. I burned through my four ¼ pint samples in the first hour, and was left to eat the many wonderful treats and dance to the excellent house beats rocking the joint. We had to go before Scherezade could extricate herself from work, which was my biggest regret. That, and not wearing a costume. I know exactly what I’ll be next year.


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