Posted by: rocketbride | October 30, 2012

lonely tuesdays

My Tuesdays have become a bit bizarre. Not only do I lose Blake and Mason for the night, but now that I’ve picked up an after-school tutoring gig I don’t even get to say goodbye to them before they leave. My dad picked me up from work today; I expected to see the baby in the back seat and when I realized it was empty it was hard not to conclude that she had some other obligation on Tuesday that she wasn’t telling me about.

That being said, I had a pretty productive night at my parents. I worked on the last piece of my costume before and after dinner (fun fact: painted Styrofoam takes hella-long to dry) and my mom helped me figure out how to keep my enormous wig in place with a combination of a balloon, tissue paper, hairpins and good thoughts. I’ll be walking pretty carefully tomorrow.

I am really enjoying my tutoring job. I didn’t think I would: I just agreed to do it because we need the money and I’m at school anyway. Secretly I was terrified. One-on-one tutoring could expose the fact that I’m a total fraud and never teach anyone anything. Except now that I’ve started, it turns out that I can teach. Huh. Ten years in is a fine time to find this out.


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