Posted by: rocketbride | November 14, 2012

hunched over

I finally finished my report cards yesterday, but I have yet to straighten up from the crushing weight of busy-ness. Today I started in on the mess that is my living room. I moved my brother’s punk records and my old photo albums to the basement, so that I don’t have to chase Maggie down before she rips clean through a group photo of my graduating class in teacher’s college. I bought nearly 2 dozen apples to try and fill the holes in me that opened up under too much outward focus. I dragged my ass to the gym with my brother, even though I still feel like a run-over banana peel. And I wrote.

Tomorrow I will take my new snacks to school. Tomorrow is a baby shower. Tomorrow I will take an antihistamine before my dance class, so that I can concentrate and enjoy myself. And tomorrow I will keep being good to myself, because that is what I’ve missed most of all: permission to treat myself kindly.


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