Posted by: rocketbride | November 16, 2012

field trip

Today I went on a field trip for the first time in about 4 years. I was reminded why I don’t go on field trips: the constant worry. Is everyone going to show up, am I going to forget the permission forms at school, am I going to screw up the attendance before I leave, will the kids be kicked out of the theatre, will they wander away during lunch, will the driver get lost, will a kid get hit by a car while trying to get to a comforting fast-food joint?

My day was off to a rousing start when I got a call from the other teacher: he had just been informed that the trip was off. I went to school in a panic, my mind a dull roar. What had I done wrong? Was I going to have to refund the money of 44 kids? I managed to clear up the confusion, but my partner wasn’t going to be able to go. And then suddenly, he was.

So my adrenaline was pretty maxed out by the time we were gathered in the lobby. As soon as we were on the bus, a week of late nights and worry caught up to me, and I started cat-napping. I also did this a bit during the performance, truth be told.

I think I can easily let another four years go by before I delude myself that field trips are a good idea.

I finally had a good dance class last night, one unpunctuated by sneezing. If only the studio was closer: as the days shorten it gets harder and harder to convince myself to go out in the dark, to drive two hours for a one-hour class. Winter has barely begun and I can’t wait for spring already.


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