Posted by: rocketbride | November 17, 2012

drive-around saturday

Today was the most luxurious of days, a Saturday in which we were basically on our own, to do what we wanted to do. No obligations, no planned events, no heavy tasks. I had planned to paint the bathroom ceiling, but I’ve been feeling heavy and bloated ever since yesterday, when my monthlies made their exciting re-emergence, so I didn’t. Instead we went to the church bazaar and a craft show in town. We had brunch at 3030, which is a very different place when lit by sunlight and filled with quiet music. We bought groceries. We came home. I ran. And we had a lovely barbequed dinner, taking advantage of the weirdly warm weather. I still have a list of tasks for this weekend as long as my baby’s arm, but it was nice to take one day and just knit, wander, and read. A day when I could let a small headache sit behind my forehead because I don’t need to make any important decisions. A day when I can clean off the kitchen table, instead of piling more things on top because I’m too busy to deal with them.


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