Posted by: rocketbride | November 30, 2012

burying my head

We are truly in the armpit of the year, the dark sweaty pit that seems to suck away all hope for the future. Considering I was out at a dance class until late last night, I think it was a miracle that I wore pants this morning, let alone conducted classes. Sure, most of what happened was student-led learning, but I still orchestrated it. And sat around during it.

I made a point of getting down to the exercise room today so that I could run. I find treadmill running only slightly more interesting than blowdrying my hair, but I knew I was going to be spending the night on my own with Maggie, so the chances of talking myself out of a run were high. Also, unless I’m frantic, I don’t get anything done on Friday lunches and prep periods anyway, so I might as well be running.

I’ve spent the week avoiding people, hiding in my room with essays that I should, but don’t, mark. I’ve been feeling particularly anxious over the past few days, and I think this behaviour is only making it worse, so today I made an effort to get out of the classroom and talk to people. Of course, it helped that the admin threw a morale-raising barbeque at lunch, and I got to hang out in the burger line with some of my favourite teachers while I froze solid in my technical t-shirt. (I went from “sweating too much to put on real clothes” to “shivering too much to move” in a remarkably short time.)

Next week I’m going to try harder to poke my head out of my shell, because the anxiety isn’t wavering even when I get piles of things marked. I might as well be talking to co-workers and get my head out of my sadness.



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