Posted by: rocketbride | December 5, 2012

it’s raining pianos

A week ago I had a crazy idea. It came on the heels of another crazy idea that was dying a slow death: that I should bring a guinea pig into our pet-less lives. While I really like the idea of guinea pigs, some preliminary research into it made me think hard about the fact that I was buying a small living thing, not a piece of art, and bringing it into a house that already contains a small living thing, one that is learning to walk by grabbing and yanking downward. I read that guinea pigs require 7 cubic feet to be happy, and the only place I could supply that was in the basement which is an isolating and messy space. And Blake, the main person I want to please with this pet, isn’t all that into guinea pigs. He’s a nice enough kid, and he took care of his fish as faithfully as he could, but he’s a mini-Boy and that means that he lives within very thick introverted barriers. If he’s not that into the idea of a guinea pig, then who am I getting it for?

It was at this point in my thought process that I conceived of a desire for something expensive and bulky, something steeped in nostalgia and pointlessness. I decided I wanted a piano.

I played the piano for six years, taking lessons from ages 8 to 14 when band got in the way. Although I was an indifferent player and a reluctant practice-er, I credit piano lessons for the ability to read music, a strong understanding of rhythm, and whatever musicality I have today. The Boy comes from a family that worships the piano, so I have an intuition that Blake might also enjoy having one in the house. Sage is a musical soul, ridiculous walking and foolish statements aside. And Maggie will love pounding on the keys.

Now here’s the thing: when you open up to the universe that you want a piano, the universe begins to shower them upon you. I had no sooner mentioned this idea at work, than a co-worker offered to sell me her piano. The pictures were gorgeous, and I felt reassured that she used to be a piano teacher. I had just figured out where it would go and what pieces of furniture I would have to move to fit it into the living room when my mom told me that her friend also had an extra piano. “You’d be doing her a favour,” my mom said, “and she lives in the B section [a few streets away]”. I just looked at the picture and I love it, too.

So now I am in the unlikely position of having two piano suitors and one living room. I suppose I could start hoarding them. After all, why piss around with newspapers when I can fill my house so much more quickly with instruments?



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