Posted by: rocketbride | December 11, 2012

baby gang destroys festivities

We went to Sarah & Leo’s annual Christmas party on Saturday. This is a yearly tradition for me: I went when I got engaged to the Boy, I went when we were married, I went in the days after he told me he was leaving, and I brought Mason to introduce him to everyone. The Christmas season doesn’t feel like it’s begun until I’m standing around the buffet table, trying to show some restraint around some delightful finger food Sarah’s whipped up. This year Maggie was able to hang around her baby friends: Kiki & Kaylee, and between the three of them more-or-less destroyed the joint.

It was a queerly de-populated gathering. Maybe it was because more people were coming later and we have to leave before the baby has a messy melt-down, but it seemed like a lot of people were giving it the skip this year. That makes me sad. Then again, it does free up a lot of bacon-wrapped scallops.


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