Posted by: rocketbride | December 12, 2012

the first *yawn*

It just so happened that when I was chatting with my students about the auspicious repetition of the date, I glanced at the clock and it was 12:12. So we all made a wish.

My next class was sad they had been left out, and decided there should have been an announcement.

I’m looking forward to the weekend more than usual. Not that there’s anything special going on – there isn’t – but just to lie in bed and not feel obligated to make myself presentable for the day. I’m almost done my novel study in my first period class and I dread this period more than anything else. There’s a perfect storm of apathy, inability and my own unfamiliarity with the novel. (It’s The First Stone, written by a former colleague at my first placement and new this year) It all combines to make planning and executing lessons a struggle. I’ve had rougher classes, I’ve had meaner kids, but I’ve never had so much meh in one room. I’m almost glad I didn’t have to teach my beloved Catcher in the Rye to this bunch; why knock myself out with something great when they can ignore something merely good?

(Sorry, Don. But you have to admit: Reef is no Holden.)


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