Posted by: rocketbride | December 13, 2012

i’m so proud

Blake brought me to an important milestone today. He was out for most of the night with Nic, and he got in 15 minutes before bedtime and was scarfing cold pizza when he announced:

“I have a project to do tonight. It needs to be on Bristol board.”

After some questioning, we also discovered that the assignment sheet was at school. (This was after we got him to admit that there was an assignment sheet in the first place.) Having given me this classic parenting moment, I was able to give the classic parenting response: I’ll write you a note and you’ll have to do it on the weekend.

Thank heaven that I don’t have one of those high-strung kids that freaks out at the thought of failure. The sad thing is that he’s not doing well this year, and this is hardly the first time he’s screwed up. Since his nutrition project came back twice to be redone, I figured that we didn’t have a chance on slapping together a decent presentation board on the blue whale, so I deferred the problem to the weekend.

Poor kid. I wish I could help him more.

Speaking of Blake, he got my hopes up yesterday when he started asking if we were going to have another baby soon. Turns out he just wants to exchange the infant for the toddler, so he can go back to leaving his tiny Lego pieces everywhere.


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