Posted by: rocketbride | December 15, 2012

i’m beginning to work a lot on christmas

Spent all day Working On Christmas. Am considerably farther along than I was yesterday, but there are still some fun things to round up. My problem is that I want to do everything: make every ornament, bake every cookie, do all the fun stuff with the kids. Christmas is just so much more fun with small ones that I’m in danger of binging to the point of sickness.

We had our department holiday social last night, and it was one of those cozy affairs where the kids had free run of the basement while the adults ate and chatted above. Maggie was the star of the show for me, as she usually is, and I loved watching Heather & Miriam vie for her affections. She was gracious, allowing herself to be held and sung to and fed, dispensing waves to many and smiles to few. Sage pretty much parked himself in front of the teevee the entire night; until the end, when he wanted to go home with Ben, I could barely remember that he was there.

We had lots of fun and tickles and songs today, though, so that’s ok.


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