Posted by: rocketbride | December 29, 2012

watching paint dry

We painted two small walls today, the second-last step in my living room’s transformation. I’ve always loved intense, saturated colour, so we went with teal. There’s a lighter harmonic for the other walls, but they’ll have to wait until March Break. It’s sort of like pulling off a bandaid bit by bit, but I’m glad I did it this way; after three days of trying to keep cool in the centre of chaos I really don’t want to keep it swirling for even a few more days. Now I just have to rebuild all the little bits that were on my bookshelves and wait for the piano next week.

Sage was over for the last few days, and he truly could not have been more excited watching us paint. I took him toboganning yesterday, and I thought we had a good time; today he pouted when I asked him to take a break from watching paint dry to go see his sister in her crib. Clearly all I have to do to amuse him is to make a huge mess and slop some bright colours around. No snow required.

Mason is just starting to get better today, and we had thought about getting out to a movie, but my parents aren’t receiving our phone calls right now. Apparently we have a misunderstanding about what will happen once Mason goes back to work in February; after insisting that they wanted to do it, there is now an industry-standard price tag associated. I just don’t want to pay my parents to take care of my children; I’ll pay other people but not them. I resented paying them for Blake and feeling like I had no professional relationship (i.e. they could do what they pleased, take him out, miss naps, feed him whatever, be late for when I got home, cut his hair, and if I complained they would not see any of it as a problem). I refuse to get into another situation where I pay loads of money to be ignored. I couldn’t wait to get Blake into Montessori when we moved out.

When I raised these issues with my parents, my mom seemed to be reasonable, saying that she could be professional. But now they’re ignoring my phone calls and I’m getting texts about destroying our relationship.

Which means that tonight I get to drown my sorrows in beer and Netflix.


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