Posted by: rocketbride | January 2, 2013

out of the basement

Nothing much happened today, so I think I’ll skip it and talk about a few late nights that slipped away while I was busy vibrating anxiously.

On the last Thursday before Christmas, Mason & I went to the Great Hall to see the Basement Revue. We go to this show every year but this was billed as an extra-special show, bigger to fit the venue. As I’d never been in the Great Hall except for the City of Craft winter show, I had no idea that there was a beautiful concert theatre there as well. It was late, and we were tired, but we made it until the show started. I don’t think there’s ever been a year when I’ve stayed to the end, or liked every performer, other than this one. I didn’t know Snow Blink, but I ended up loving them. Aurora is Andrew Whiteman’s new project, and it was pretty awesome to see him play again. Rich Terfry read a chapter from his new book, which is typically funny and weird as hell. I saw Hayden for the first time, which was very cool. And Kevin Drew came out to play some dumb song twice, which only he can get away with.

But the highlights were the surprise stars. Andy Kim getting us all to sing “Sugar Sugar,” with Chris Murphy on bass. Seeing Feist in the balcony, and expecting her to be the one Collett can’t praise enough, except it was Michael Ondaatje. (Feist came out one poem later to play and sing under his reading, which was mindblowing.) And then Snow Blink came back, Aurora came back, and Feist stayed; and they all played each other’s songs. So beautiful.

I’m not sure that I preferred it to the Dakota; Mason surely prefers the cozy, cave-like atmosphere of hanging in the old basement venue. I missed the Zeus-ersons. And there have been individual performers in the past who killed it in previous years and couldn’t be topped this year: John K. Sampson, Bry Webb, Buck 65. But overall I have to say that this was a win. Well done, JC. You’ve done the A-section proud once again.



  1. […] Stars and Feist would be the warm up acts. There were also a host of other well-loved acts, from Brampton’s Own JC to Zeus (bitches) to Nice Nice Very Nice Dan Mangan to spooky Timber Timbre. There was to be […]

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