Posted by: rocketbride | January 3, 2013

how i learned to stop worrying and love the piano

Yesterday when I said that nothing much was happening, I forgot to mention that I went skating with Blake and fell on my head. Perhaps the concussion itself explains why I forgot to mention it. My dad had just given me new skates to try, and I was hobbling along in the “learn to skate” part of the arena when both my feet flew out in front of me at once, and I fell back on my head.

There was a lot of fussing around me then, and I spent the night assuring everyone from Mason to my mom that I was fine. Today I woke up with a stiff neck & back, and bruise-y patches on my elbow and noggin. I have a whole new appreciation for Maggie’s tears when she falls down, which is frequently.

piano time!

Today we got the piano! It was a tremendously exciting morning, with me throwing cash in all directions and ending up with this beautiful antique dominating my living room. Blake called “first dibs” on it, and asked specially for “patterns” so that he could play songs. As the only song book I have is the hymnal I was given when I left the Wolfvegas choir, we started with Christmas carols. It took about 20 minutes, but I finally got him to repeat the first phrase of “Angels We Have Heard On High,” using all of his fingers.

It needs tuning, and it’s an awfully loud piece of furniture to have in a central space with a hyper kid. But I love it. One thing I learned when I told people about getting this instrument is that a piano is a commitment to a stable home life. Since I have the stability, I might as well have the glory and the pianos as well.

joy to the world



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