Posted by: rocketbride | January 4, 2013

the best of times

Except for the fact that I can’t seem to get my marking done, I’m having an excellent holiday. Blake has been really easy to get along with, and he has been loafing, reading, playing video games, and helping me with all kinds of things when asked. I’ve been doing a bit of housework, a bit of knitting, and whatever else comes along. Together we got books so that he can complete his astronomy badge for cubs, and I helped him to learn “Joy to the World” on the piano. He’s also working on his “December Newsletter,” a project for school that promises to be just as exhaustive (and exhausting) as his dear mother’s own efforts in this direction. When I got bored, we went outside in the snow and pulled the baby along in a sled. She enjoyed it immensely, right up until we went too fast, she fell over, and then she got a facefull of snow.

Sage is with us tonight, banging away on the piano and watching Blake play video games. Maggie is finally asleep, her week-long battle to stay awake at all costs apparently abandoned. It’s a good, cozy time to be here.


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