Posted by: rocketbride | January 6, 2013

wrapping up christmas

We were supposed to go visiting this morning, but it got called off, so we spent the day wrapping up Christmas with the kids. I love putting up the decorations and seeing the lights, but I also love getting the dining room back from the tree and the sprawl of presents. As always, there is a small group of “left behinds” that got missed in the first wave, and will be joining their Christmas brethren and sistren in a few days. Maybe by then I’ll even finish this year’s contribution to the crocheted crèche – a horribly late Mary doll modelled after a pattern for Princess Leia. Help me Joseph; you’re my only hope.

I’ve been trying to have a good time in our last few days of vacation, but it’s been a little scuttled by brotherly tension. Yesterday we went tobogganing in the morning, and Blake was first mean, then pouty. The long car-ride to the family gathering was especially fun; within ten minutes I had swapped places with Blake so that we could have a hope of arriving to the party safely and with sanity intact. Then I played car games to keep everyone amused, and sang songs to the baby, and generally was a cheerleader. Thank heaven the ride home was dark, and we encouraged quiet sleepiness. I also have to give credit to a new TMBG CD I bought Sage for Christmas: Here Comes Science isn’t new, but it’s new to us, and it keeps everyone happy in the car.

Today I had them make a craft for Sage to bring home: a wrapped and stickered frame for our picture with Santa. It’s got a piece of yarn strung through the top so that he can hang it on his tree, and we all wrote our names on it with my fancy silver pen. Even getting this done was monumental, as they disagreed on every choice and Blake stayed out of it in protest for the first ten minutes.

One day I’m sure I’ll look back on these days with fondness. It just wasn’t a good idea to combine “last day of vacation” with “erase all happy memories of Christmas from the walls”, topped by “here’s a craft that Blake will never see again; time to get to work.”

There was also a fight about homework in there, but I chalk it up to my own unhappiness at vacation’s end, just as much as Blake’s. The best thing about this day is that everything is always better tomorrow, because it’s no longer a thing to dread: it’s on top of you.


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