Posted by: rocketbride | January 10, 2013

too much to do

I’ve been behind the 8 ball all week, trying to get marking done and struggling against the demands of home and school. I lost a significant amount of marking time each of the first three days of the week, and I wasn’t able to mark at home because my silly family seems to expect me to care for them when I’m home. The nerve! Maggie has been particularly fractious this week: impossible to hold onto and impossible to put down. She’s spurning her beloved apples so we think she’s about to sprout some new teeth. Blake is not a low-maintenance kid, ever. Mason has had a low-grade cold since the week before Christmas, and has been doing a lot of resting and going to the doctor. My in-laws just had kidney surgery yesterday, so much of my free time this week has been getting updates and worrying. And I committed to being a Group Leader in the new session of running, so what used to be a strong commitment to Monday class and whatever else I could get in has turned into a thrice-weekly commitment in which I am not caring for my family and I’m not marking either.

Last night I stayed up an hour past my bedtime, which has fried me today. I changed into pajamas at 7:30 and may not change out of them tomorrow. Thank heaven I finished what I needed to finish at lunch today; the prospect of being exhausted and yet still on the hook is a grim and not unfamiliar memory.


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