Posted by: rocketbride | January 28, 2013

summer can’t come soon enough

A weird, emotional weekend. Time spent without Blake pulls negative feelings to the surface; we also had Maggie in Camp Grandpa on Saturday so there was nothing in between me and my doubts. I finally decided that I just needed something to look forward to, so I’ve decided to stop moping and plan our summer vacay to Nova Scotia, Stanfest included. If I can plan it right, we’ll have about ½ old great stuff to share with Mason, Sage & Maggie (and Blake, who wasn’t really old enough last time to remember anything) and ½ new stuff like trails and forts. It means giving Hillside a miss, but I’m ok with that—gives us a year to miss it.

Our financial state will be bleak for a few weeks, as I’m still not quite used to bi-weekly mortgage payments and I managed to skim off our normal operating capital paying off the Christmas Credit Card Bill. Thank heaven we’re ok for groceries. We’ll just have to buckle down for Mason’s first paycheque and make our own fun until then.

Just thinking about Canso in the summer makes it all easier to face.


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