Posted by: rocketbride | January 28, 2013

pass the bristol board

Another stressful meeting with Blake’s teacher. I think the biggest problem is that he’s not doing work; she thinks the biggest problem is that he’s unengaged with her lessons. She wants him to change. I feel like we all need to change to get more success out of the kid. Anyway, we got an overdue project home tonight and I have spent much of my night learning about British Columbia. Apparently it has the most varieties of bats of anywhere in North America.

After the meeting we went to get Blake’s hair cut. I was totally taken by surprise when the kid who used to barely look at himself in the mirror started to cry in the middle of the cut because he felt it was too short. Oh well. At least it looks neat now. My mom had cut his bangs last week and he was starting to look like the Muppet Beetles. And of course the baby is screaming at me as soon as I come in. And I have a headache. And I can’t eat because I’m supposed to go out running.

So I cut the knot; called in sick, and ate my damn dinner. Now I’m ready for bed a full hour earlier than usual. Sometimes it’s reasonable to give up on a day like today.


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