Posted by: rocketbride | February 6, 2013

sedative baby

I’ve been trying to get up a half-hour earlier in the morning to get a better start on the day. It all started on Monday, when I had to come in early to finish my report cards: I had written out all the comments over the weekend but couldn’t get them into the program from home. This morning, tiring as it was, made me realize that I needed a half-hour advantage on the day. Mason was on-board. So I kept the alarm in the early mode and hoped for the best.

So far it’s been a resounding failure. Yesterday Maggie woke up early, and her presence in the bed was like a tranquilizer for the both of us. There’s nothing better than a warm snugly sleeping baby, so why get out of bed? This morning was no better. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the day that we break it wide open, that we come to work on time, that we don’t have to choose between eating breakfast and packing lunch.


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