Posted by: rocketbride | February 8, 2013

who’s afraid of the big bad brother?

We had a SNOW DAY today, which was exciting to contemplate, but the excitement waned when the realities of being trapped inside with a needy toddler asserted themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have been at home today, but it would have been nice if Maggie were in a better mood.

I’m settling in with my new classes. I was frankly terrified of my new class of 10 Rickys, but a week in I have realized that they are no different than my 10 Spikes of yesteryear, except I have half the number of students and more support from various social agencies. Yesterday a girl was escorted out when she wouldn’t respond to me. I could only dream about such things before, and my dreams involved giant loyal apes rather than teaching assistants.

After she was gone, one of the other boys tested all the markers to weed out the duds. Then he played with my record player. The rest of them worked quietly on their bio-poem. See? It makes my fears look pretty ridiculous.

At the same time, I’m having a lot of fun with my 11 Cordelias and 12 Willows. Ten years in I’ve discovered the secret to teaching Macbeth, which is a shit-tonne of props. Yesterday we used my knitted sword to “unseam” each other. With my 12’s I like to find an version of the poster below and put it up on the screen without saying anything, so they notice it themselves while they’re reading. Next week I want to bring in a gym teacher and lead them through “physical jerks.”

big brother

I truly do like screwing with them. We can call it teaching but we all know what the verb should be.


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