Posted by: rocketbride | February 20, 2013

orange anxiety

Sitting in the kungfu studio. I didn’t pack myself enough to occupy this unexpected windfall of free time, so I might as well write.

Blake is due to test for his orange belt in ten days, and I’m worried that he won’t make it. As much as I’ve enjoyed his progress over the last three years, I’m starting to feel like it’s time to move on and free up a few nights for some other things. And I’m afraid that if he doesn’t get his orange belt now, he may never get one.

I seem to be in a bad mood. I haven’t seen a lot of Maggie today, or Mason. I’m sore from all the exercise on the weekend (don’t laugh; I did a 4.8/5k run each morn, plus weights in the gym each afternoon) and I can’t cancel on aquafit with my mom tonight because it’s the only thing she does. And I think I’m finally getting the cold that Blake, Mags & Mason have been passing around the house like a soggy tissue.

Oh well. I can rest on Thursday.


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