Posted by: rocketbride | March 10, 2013


I’ve decided that I need to make a few changes in how I do things around here.

  1. No more stockpiling in Word. This is a hold-over from when I used to code my own pages, and also from when my computers were so unreliable that it wasn’t uncommon to reboot in the middle of an entry. I don’t code and I can trust my operating system, therefore I’m typing straight into WordPress.
  2. Writing every day, even if it’s not in here. Again, I used to occasionally write in notebooks with the idea that I would always transcribe to this format. I have to accept the fact that there are some nights when I don’t want to kick Mason off the computer for whatever reason, and a notebook is at hand. Instead of making it an extra chore for myself, I’m going to accept that some nights, the purpose of writing is fulfilled when I write. This is a vanity project and I shouldn’t get any jumped up ideas about how important it is to anyone but me. I’m not Samuel Pepys. I don’t need a complete record of my days. And I don’t need to migrate everything here.


So, how was your day?

I missed my morning run because my baby alarm clock didn’t go off. It wasn’t a Daylight Savings thing, she just doesn’t always make a fuss in the morning and this happened to be one of those mornings when she was content to lie in her crib and kick at the bars, staring wisely at the ceiling with her soosoo corked firmly in her mouth. So we had a leisurely morning, all three of us, and I got to make a big pot of oatmeal which is pretty much my favourite thing to eat for breakfast right now. When I really have my act together I make enough for 6 people and heat it up through the week. As I have March Break ahead of me, I didn’t do that, but I did take the time for a cup of tea. And speaking of tea, I managed to find enough plastic cups and saucers from Blake’s childhood to show Maggie how to have a tea party. She was delighted for an excuse to sing “Happy Birthday” to her wooden cupcakes, and she also figured out how to spin die-cast cars across the floor. She’s a genius.

Lest you think my day was all slothfulness and avoiding exercise, I did keep a workout date with Nic in the afternoon. Right now I’m working on arms so that when I’m at Aquafit with my mom, I’m not shown up by a bunch of chattering menopausal women who can all keep their arms up longer than I. I can do a 90-second plank, though, and that’s something.

Supper was tacos, wonderful concoctions of home-made tortillas and fresh ingredients that demanded gluttony. I heroically turned down a beer so that I could break the seal on my March Break marking, and break it I did. 13 papers down. 49 to go. If I do 7 a day, I’m laughing. If I don’t, well. Let’s just stay with the hope, shall we? My co-workers may return with tans, but I’m returning with a clear conscience and an annoying smugness.


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