Posted by: rocketbride | March 11, 2013

you also get a free topping

I’m not sure if I can put today in the win or fail column. On the plus side, we went on an Adventure. Mason wanted to get a wheat wine release, but the email was non-specific, and we ended up killing time for seven hours with a cranky baby on a rainy day. (That’s bad.) We had a wonderful lunch of noodles, veg & dumplings, while the baby let us walk her through the aisles in her Everyday is Hallowe’en outfit, and then we had gelato & pound cake. (That’s good.) We drove to Mabel’s Fables, a place I have wanted to visit every since we drove by, and another customer was rude to me when I tried to help her. (That’s bad.) But we did find both of the Fairyland books, and Maggie had a grand time crawling around and looking at all the toys and books. (That’s good.) Then we drove to Wychwood Library, and I thought about going to Knit-o-matic, but when I checked online they didn’t have the exact yarn I wanted. (That’s bad.) So we went to buy more paint for the living room, and get two bottles of that wheat wine. (That’s good.) But by this time Maggie was insane with being loaded in and out of a car in the rain, and being dragged through rush hour, so she cried through the traffic jams. We were late for my class. (That’s bad.) I called and got them to leave a route, so I was able to run anyway. (That’s good.) I ran through every puddle in Brampton, I got lost, and my route disappeared, so I had to go back 10 minutes early. (That’s bad.) And then I got a treat that I didn’t like very much. (Can I go now?)

I dunno. The whole day was sort of a silver-plated fail. Still, I have my books and I had two nummy meals. I got some kind of run in and I bought the paint I needed. If only I could get my hair cut I’d be golden.

scott pilgrim library


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