Posted by: rocketbride | March 15, 2013

you and me, we’re solving mysteries with blake and sage

Ever since the boys came home on Wednesday, I’ve been having trouble stringing two moments together. Mason hurt his back right before we were supposed to pick up Sage, so I’ve been doing a little more solo parenting than I usually do while he rests or runs out to do an errand that is just easier to do without kids. This morning I was cleaning the house with the three kids, a circus that was only possible because I got a lot of help from Blake, a little help from Sage, and Maggie was not being clingy (which falls into the category of a lot of help).

In the afternoon I took the boys to the library for a Jedi program while Mason put Maggie to sleep for a long-overdue nap. Unfortunately, the program was for 6-9 year olds, which shuts out Sage. I was wiling to lie, but Blake was honest before I could get the chance. Sigh. At that point it was impossible to backtrack, so I took Sage to the book collection. He had another chance to go in later, when a helper asked if he was in the program, and he scornfully replied, “no, I’m five.” Nice going, George Washington.

I wouldn’t be concerned about the way the day got away from me if I hadn’t signed up for a 10K next month, without a plan or a chance to go train at the gym. Tomorrow I have to run, even if it means that Daddy becomes the High Sheriff of Weinertown for the morning. (That’s our collective descriptor for the kids: Weinertown. As in, Weinertown Mysteries.)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a chance to talk about the ultimate! dinosaurs! we saw yesterday. Or maybe just getting to run will be enough of a win.


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