Posted by: rocketbride | April 7, 2013

running against the wind

I’m running a 10K in two weeks, a decision I mostly chalk up to a strange product called “wheat wine.” I tend to be quite cautious in my new running life; I take training courses, I work hard to get three runs a week, I try my best to follow my instructor’s obsessively detailed countdown to race day. I kind of blew it when I signed up for the 10k. I was tired of doing 5k’s, I was a little tipsy from the wheat wine, and well. Lives are started for similar reasons.

The last few weeks have also been some of the busiest of my life. For the first time since I started running, I’m finding it excruciatingly hard to get my practices in. I am forced to be as creative as possible, and it doesn’t work every week. This week I had to run after Easter dinner at my mom’s, which was unexpectedly great. I got derailed from my Wednesday run when I had to take Blake to the store to replace the glasses he broke “practising face-plants,” and I forced myself to visit the gym between tutoring and home on Thursday. Then I got sick, most likely because my first dance class in ages was Thursday night, and I didn’t get enough sleep to see me into Friday with defences intact. A sore throat that had been waiting in the wings rushed out and pounced. Also, I realized on Friday that I was favouring my left foot, and when I paid attention and walked properly, it was sore as hell. That shut me down on Friday and Saturday.

Today I had to force myself out. Once again, I had my back against the wall, and if I skipped today’s 8k, I might as well forget the whole thing. So I went, sore throat, sore foot and all. Even if I don’t finish the 10k with a respectable time, all of this pushing and heroic practising in the face of illness is pretty impressive. To me, at least.

This week I need to get well; mark 28 essays & 31 tests; see Leonard Cohen in Hamilton; run 5k twice; and help my 10 Rickys write the Literacy Test. Piece of cake.


Do you like controversy? Of course you do! Then surely you’ll love watching me tell everyone that they don’t need to know the sex of their unborn child! Featuring an uncredited cameo by everyone’s favourite DadGear guy, a.k.a. Ian.

I honestly didn’t mean this article to come across as inflammatory, but I have a pretty big mouth. The way it was publicized on Twitter made me afraid of people coming at me with pitchforks and torches and ultrasound wands.


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