Posted by: rocketbride | April 22, 2013

jog like a butterfly, run like a bee

I can’t believe my last post was all about running anxiety, and here I am on the other side of that race. Yesterday I completed my first 10k, without the help of the wheat wine that got me into this mess in the first place.

It was my favourite race so far. The course is not entirely downhill as promised: whenever we hit an uphill section I muttered, “you lied to me!” But it is mostly downhill, and thus quite pleasurable to run. I didn’t huff and puff through any of it, and though I was fighting the desire to use the bathroom from the 7k mark, I managed to finish pretty much on target. 72 minutes is not something to brag about in itself; especially since the winner ran it in 29 minutes, but I never stopped running and it’s still my PB. Other minor problems include tights chafing from the 8k mark and a very small red mark from an irritant on my left arch. My back gave up on me around 7 last night, refusing to help me out anymore and demanding we go to bed. And today I arose a little stiff but withal quite energetic. Going to sleep at 8pm helped.

Even though it was only mostly downhill, I loved the course. We started north of Eglington, passing the G&T where I used to work and continuing down the longest street in North America. I passed lots of interesting new storefronts and many old friends from the old days of haunting the street with Scherezade and practically living with Pixie, Q & the Boy at Froghopper Nook. This is the first run I’ve done on a familiar course, and it was pretty fun knowing where I was going for once.

I suppose the most important part is that I was dressed like a bee. There was a costume component, and the winners were to get extra money for their charities. As my fundraising has been decidedly lackluster, I thought I could play to my strengths and put on a bee costume to fight cancer. I didn’t win, but on the upside, I got to run as a giant bee, which is its own reward.

two bees


After I met up with Maggie & Mason at Fort York, we started our long journey back to the car. (The other really nice thing was that we only had one kid with us, so Mason had a lot less stress while I was out on the course.) We stopped at Cheese Werks for an early lunch and a celebration IPA, then took the streetcar and the subway back up north. We walked another three blocks to our car, and began the long drive through mid-town to my uncle’s house, where the newest family member lay sleeping.

russell b & elizabeth u

You guys, my cousin is the cutest. Way cuter than that has-been, Maggie. (Sorry, Maggie.)


My family was delighted with my bee costume, with the notable exception of my mother, who, although she wears a hat with a chicken on top to sell grocery cards at the church, can’t bear the sight of me in fancy dress. Go figure. Blake was fresh – or rather, exhausted – from a weekend at camp, and spent most of the visit acting obnoxiously. We had to leave far too soon for my taste, chased home by Maggie’s escalating crankiness and another engagement.


suction cups

Our third party of the day was a birthday dinner for our dads, who were born one year and three days apart. Mason & I got them matching golf outfits so they can be twinsies when they hang out this summer. I was pretty stiff by this point in the day, and though I did enjoy seeing my brother, I was more than ready to go home and crawl into bed. Miss Maggie, a hot mess from a whole day without a nap, was more than ready as well.



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