Posted by: rocketbride | April 23, 2013

mysterious ailment

Maggie got sick yesterday. It’s amazing how profoundly disrupting such a small event with such a small girl can be. Yesterday she abruptly stopped walking, crumpling down on the floor and favouring her right leg. We took her to the doctor, who couldn’t find anything. The next morning, the sudden crumple was back. She refused to walk for most of the day, and developed a fever around supper-time. She’s also drooling copious amounts. I’ve spent all night with her in my lap, trying to get her to sleep or eat or read a book like her normal self. No go.

I was supposed to start my 10k class tonight; I was supposed to try out a new fitness class with my mom last night. Both ideas have been swallowed up in Maggie’s mysterious illness, which is just enough to keep her miserable and not enough to risk another trip out for inconclusive results. We have a check-up tomorrow anyway, so even if we can’t get her needles we’ll get her thoroughly checked over by our own doctor.

Eh. It’s not like I need to go to a class to prove to myself that I can run a 10k. I wouldn’t even be in a costume: easy stuff.

I have a literal crate of marking to do in the afternoon, but if I have to spend my time reading board books and singing songs, I suppose I can make that sacrifice.


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