Posted by: rocketbride | June 20, 2013

you say, “mark;” I say, “hey, man!”

I’m having a hard time getting started this morning, so I’ve decided to put it off that much longer with a blog entry. All of the hardest things are done, leaving nothing but exams to mark and report cards to write. Granted, that doesn’t sound like a holiday, but compared to the other three times in the year report cards are due, this is a cakewalk. Not having to teach kids while getting it all together? Priceless.

The big problem is that when I start to unclench from the tortures of June, I am incapable of maintaining any sort of grip at all. I’ve been spending vast swaths of time reading the second Ender series when I really should be catching up on the month’s worth of neglected housework that is helpfully piled in the living room. I’ve been watching the third series of “Kingdom” when I should be writing report card comments in advance of exam results. I’ve been eating sunflower seeds when I should have been out running, resuscitating the training that has been in virtual cardiac arrest for nearly 2 weeks. (Today I impulsively joined a race that’s run in 2 days, so the training will probably take care of itself.) And this morning, when I should be marking essays on “The Purple Rose of Cairo,” I am writing and pitching an article on Amy Millan and Evan Cranley: adorable rockstar parents.


I recently started singing “Bicycle Race” to Maggie when we ride around the neighbourhood, and now she wants to sing and ride her bicycle from the moment she gets up in the morning. Let me tell you, there is nothing more appealing than a toddler who has put on her own helmet (backwards) and is screaming “BI! cycle! BI! cycle!” How can I be expected to maintain a disciplined attitude toward work when I could be riding with the littlest Freddy Mercury enthusiast?

I don’t believe in number grades,
Comments that I’m forced to make,
‘Coz all I wanna do is…


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