Posted by: rocketbride | June 25, 2013

colo[u]r us rad

On the weekend after Field Trip I gave up everything.

I stopped pretending that I could handle it all; I saw the stacks and stacks of marking that stood between me and giving my students a proper mark update, and I resolved to have it all done by Monday. Exams were to start on Tuesday, so even then I was cutting it fine. I planned to go to Drunken Knitting; didn’t. I planned to see the Norman Wong exhibit before it closed; sent Mason to see it instead. I planned to celebrate my home town with a great big street party; stayed home instead. I planned to take the family to the 25th anniversary picnic for Blake’s Scouting unit; let the Boy take him instead. Sunday was Father’s Day, but all the kids were gone but Maggie, so we gave Mason some presents and held off on the card until next week. I had planned to take Mason to the Fort York 1812 re-enactment, but…you know.

Just about the only thing I did, other than marking 29 essays, was to finish knitting and sewing Blake’s medieval feast costume. I did this in the moments when I needed to pay attention to Maggie rather than marking; and when she was in bed. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though:

sir blake

sir blake

I also repotted some unintentionally pruned rose branches and gave a bunch of Beryl‘s babies new homes. So much for my “leisure” time.


This past weekend I made up for such temporary restraint by paying absoultely no attention to my marking. None. I brought it home on Friday afternoon and I picked it up from the same spot on Monday morning. No guilt.

On Friday I impulsively decided to jump in when Corina advertised a run spot up for grabs at Color [sic] Me Rad. This not only meant that I would be running 5k after not running properly for 2 weeks and not sticking to a proper training schedule for almost a month, it also meant that I had to boot it downtown to pick up my stuff. After some initial trouble finding C’s spot, I bought some white clothes and headed back to Mason, who was circling the block. We picked up an exhausted Sage and went home.

On Saturday we woke at the normal time and then got everyone ready to leave by 8. Our first stop would be a farmer’s market so that we could pick up our first meat share and stow it in the trunk for the morning. I was traipsing around in my silly white runner’s outfit, number pinned to me and everything. I explained repeatedly that it wasn’t a big deal, but I think that whenever you’re wearing a runner’s bib people want to cheer with you regardless of the occasion. I can live with that.

We were late for my wave, partly because we were late in general and party because it started raining almost as soon as we parked the car. We managed to get all the kids and the stroller into the shuttle bus, which felt like a major achievement as it had started to rain almost as soon as we got out of the car. I started to worry about what on earth these poor wet people would do while I got splattered in glorious colour.

As it turned out, the boys did better than I did. While Mason & Maggie found shelter and tried to counsel restraint, the two boys scavenged half-empty packs of colour left on the ground, and pelted each other. By the time I finished my 5, all three of us looked like a rainbow had been sick in our general direction.

color [sic] me rad - after

It was a pretty fun way to spend the morning, but it would have been more fun with friends to chuck stuff at each other. Next year Blake’s coming with me, or so I swear.



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