Posted by: rocketbride | July 3, 2013

the days of summer

My summer vacation started on Friday, but I was too busy to notice. There was a lot of packing for Blake, and all kinds of last-day stuff at school, so by the time I wasn’t busy any more, I was too tired to notice.

I spent Saturday asleep, more or less.

On Sunday we packed for Monday morning. On Monday morning we tucked everything into the car and took the baby to Ottawa for Canada Day. I’ve never done this before; my grandmother’s birthday was the first of July, so her parties always took precedence over any plans my mom might make when I was a kid. I found it really exciting to be in a big, pumped-up crowd for once, and we had a great time picking out what to do in all of the closed-off streets. There were three linked parks, so we left the car in Gatineau and walked down to the Parliament buildings, stopping at all the attractions on the way.

What I liked about it was that the crowd defied all attempts at generalization. It wasn’t just cranky old people or boisterous young people, it wasn’t just white or brown people, it wasn’t just families and it wasn’t just single people on the cruise. It was everyone. The most common uniform was a flag worn as a cape, secured with a kilt pin, and I saw it on a range of people. It was just so gratifying to be with so many celebrating Canadians on Canada Day. I kept turning to Mason and telling him how excited I was.

o canada

If there’s a next time, we’ll be sure to come the day before so that we can see the parade and maybe do some free museums, pacing ourselves before the fireworks. As it was, we pushed pretty hard and saw what we could. Maggie stayed awake during the awesome Chris Hadfield-Ed Robertson duet, so even though we missed Metric (still) I got some of what we came for.

o canada

Maggie’s still not walking, so we spent a lot of the day pushing her around in her stroller. When she needed a break, I got to be her cushion. But who can argue with being the escort for a miniature goddess in a red polkadot dress? Even if she is cranky and basically immobile.

o canada


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