Posted by: rocketbride | July 5, 2013


Yesterday I started again with the FlyLady system. I got turned on to this more than 10 years ago, but I have yet to make it stick. I even have the book! I’m not sure why this seemed like the right moment to plunge in again; maybe it’s because the transition to summer makes me anxious, or because my house was extremely untidy when school ended. Any way it started, I’m in it now. Yesterday I shined my sink. Today I cleaned for 15 minutes and then went out and bought things like shower mats and a new drying rack for my dishes. I feel better and more in control already.

unshelved comic

unshelved, january 25, 2004


Maggie has started tentative steps again. She’s walking stiffly, lurching around more than walking, and she doesn’t have much patience for the whole thing, but at least she’s a bit more mobile than she was yesterday.  Whenever Blake is gone with the Boy for an extended period of time I get maudlin about Maggie; I realized this in Ottawa when I had to sit on the ground to make a seat for my fusspot daughter, and I was getting sentimental about the whole thing. Blake never needs me to make a lap for him anymore. Maybe I should just enjoy the extra snuggles while I can get them…especially when they are delivered from long, smooth bare arms & legs. Maggie’s skin is delicious, cranky or not, and I will kiss her all the time if she let me. Once she starts walking again, who knows when I’ll have so much uninterrupted cuddle time?



  1. If flylady turns out not to work, have you tried Unfuck Your Habitat? AWESOME. It’s at

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