Posted by: rocketbride | July 19, 2013

the black mariah goes gently into that good night

We bought a new car this week.

It’s kind of a big deal. We’re planning a roadtrip to Nova Gothic this summer, and we’re just about at the point when a 1-hour car ride with all three kids in the back of the car will end in tears. We thought about renting a minivan, or flying and then renting one, but the costs were prohibative. One of the greatest things about FLYing is that I don’t hide from difficult decisions (at least right now), so we decided to look into station wagon-type cars with a third row of seats. We ended up with our first choice, the 6-seater Mazda5. Although her official name is HMS Lassitude VI, she will be colloquially known as MiniVan Morrison.

We picked her up yesterday, and in amid the joy of a new expensive toy, I was feeling a strong undercurrent of guilt and anxiety. I couldn’t figure it out until I took my first solo drive to pick up Keeral & Delice for dance class, when I was alone with the car and my thoughts. I realized that I felt guilty for giving up the Black Mariah while she was still useful, silly as this sounds. Every other car I’ve let go was either fit for scrap (Mustang Scotty, White Man’s Burden) or moved to another branch of my family (Nic took the Purple Lassitude and my parents reclaimed the Blue Ruin). I never had to abandon a car to the whims of fate, knowing that another owner may not understand the Cat and Girl bumper sticker or why there was an adhesive patch on the dashboard in the shape of a debonair moustache (the hairy part detatched and rode in a nearby compartment). I feel like a bad captain.

Even the bluetooth and the stereo that recognizes folders on compilation CDs is only slight consolation.

Blake, however, is in love with the new car. He can’t get over the thrill of sitting in the wayback and the fun of opening sliding doors. Sage declared that he would never be car-sick in the new car. And Maggie rides like a queen, so high in her carseat that she can see out the window. So, yeah. I think we made the right decision.


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