Posted by: rocketbride | July 22, 2013

back-teria to the beach

Today was one of those days that was supposed to be good but slid into disappointment and frustration. I tried to make plans for the beach with Sarah, but she called it off in favour of carpet cleaning, so I re-planned with my mom. Maggie decided to take a late morning nap, so I left her at home with her dad and took the boys to the beach to wait for my mom. She came in an hour, bringing sandwiches, and we were just finishing up when they decided to close the beach. So much for my swimming, or my 15 minutes of exercise. Blake, having had his fill of running around with a water gun, decided he’d rather go see his dad than hang with us. My dad & I got into a fight and I took the kids home right away, so that I could see Mason & Maggie and regroup.

There was no safe haven for me today. Our washing machine has been broken for a week and a half. Our brand new car came off the lot with a very loud, very wrong sound coming out of it, and we had to leave it at the dealership for the whole day. I am so tired of trying to keep it together. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better.


It was a good weekend for family, though. My cousin came in from Alberta, and we had several long chats about dance costumes and the arts. My male cousins teased my boys mercilessly. Maggie kissed the new baby, but only when bribed with a chip. It was pretty great.

yeah, i'll kiss that guy

blake and baby russell

baby russell and his many admirers

And yesterday I reconnected with some of my dad’s family at a facial party. I was so impressed with the experience that I committed to hosting a party for my co-workers in the fall. Weird, and very unlike me, but it felt good.


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