Posted by: rocketbride | August 8, 2013

restarting my journal helmet

Working through my sizeable backlog is humbling, but at least I get to look at cute pictures from a month ago. I was motivated to turn my build-up into actual published work on Monday, when Scherezade jokingly asked if she could be a spokes-model for my blog. I need to have something so that she can lavish her prodigious beauty on my writing.


I think my biggest problem in writing this summer (this year, this decade, this whatever) is that I lack habits. (Coincidentally, this is how Maggie pronounces “helmet,” as in, she wants to take a bike ride so she goes to her little pink helmet with bunnies on the side and shouts “habit!!”) I’m going to try to find a writing time in the day, something that can’t be co-opted by an exercise class, a lounge on the couch or teevee time with Mason. All of those things are important, but so is this. Or so I hope.


Today we took Maggie to Toddler Time, the first time I’ve been at a program since I went back to work. It’s interesting watching her, and how she interacts with toys now that she can walk and sing and dance without me bouncing her. Like Sage, she’s very musical, and I watched her stare intently at the leader, not singing but listening. Later she sang the songs loudly and completely, so it was going in there somewhere. And like Blake, she was not afraid to break away during “The Wheels on the Bus” and try to find some toys behind the barrier on the other side of the room. All that compliance and good listening was making me smug, anyway.


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