Posted by: rocketbride | August 26, 2013

dream a little dream

Can you believe that nearly an entire summer has gone by and I haven’t told you one of my dreams? Me either! Here we go:

I was wandering around by myself. I was mad at Mason for some reason; I felt snubbed and sad. I was collecting packages and messages wherever I went. One was from Katarina; she was going to Calgary to help Eddie. There was a shiny black package that I was saving because I thought it was a birthday present.

I met Scherezade. We talked about various things and considered going out for food (pretty normal there). I turned away to get something, and when I turned back she had opened my package and was colouring with the contents (pencil crayons).

“Did you just open my birthday present?!” I asked, incredulous.

She said something about taking myself less seriously, and passed over the wrapping. In it was a note in Stacy’s distinctive spiky handwriting, and my heart leaped. I had given her pencil crayons recently, so she must want to be twinsies! But the note explained that she was returning my present. She felt too awful to draw or be creative, so she couldn’t bear to have them around. I was crushed.

does this look like a woman who would open your birthday presents?

does this look like a woman who would open your birthday presents?


While we’re on this topic, I should probably record a sleep-conversation I had with Mason during our last night of vacation. He had just returned from the bathroom, and I let out a little scream. Then I started singing.

“Cute-iful, cute-iful Sage…” I patted his hair. “I thought you were Sage’s head.” I sleep-splained. “And we were outside.”


It’s raining today, the perfect excuse to hunker down with the house and a new sewing project. I’ve decided to make a change pad for Maggie, as she’s outgrown her old table and has been re-located to Sage’s bed. We need something waterproof or I’m going to go through a lot of blankets; hence the sewing. And of course, even though change pads are commercially available, I went to a fabric store, picked out mod fabrics and laminated them by hand yesterday. Because I apparently don’t have enough to do.

It’s gorgeous, though, even it’s unfinished, imperfectly-laminated state. I already love it.


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