Posted by: rocketbride | September 3, 2013

memento percepi

I am a goddess tonight.

Not only did I get through the whole first day of school without yelling at anyone, tonight was my first Girls’ Night In of the year. This meant that I cooked dinner, cleaned up the room, bathed the baby, put her to sleep, did my usual tidying and my daily mission and my 15 minutes of de-cluttering, all with a silly baby (although to be perfectly honest, I got a lot more done once she was in bed.) This is normal, however; what makes me a goddess is that I also made chocolate chip banana bread.

Also, I set up this last night, in preparation for our first school morning…

cheerios and the tableau

back to school tableau

It’s not a mememto mori (remember: you will die); it’s a memento percepi (remember: you will learn).

(Why yes, that is squishy Yorick and the skull I used to prop-bomb the TBoNTB launch.)



  1. […] a video to go along with it, and today it was published in Bunch, along with a photo I took of my memento percepi that I didn’t use in that post. This one: Right now the video has fewer views than the one […]

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