Posted by: rocketbride | September 5, 2013

unwanted mothering advice central

I should be running tonight, but I’m clearly not. I blame the week, which has over-extended me and given me a touch of plantar fascitis in the bargain, but it’s probably my fault for not going to bed as early as I should.

Normally this wouldn’t stress me out, but this has been a bad summer in terms of regular running, and I foolishly signed up for a 10k that occurs two weeks from now. I know what other runners would say: you can’t cram for this, and there’s no law that says you have to run the whole distance. Still, it would be nice if I could break 2k (!) this week.

I’m starting to enjoy my classes. I have 9 Dawns this year, a small quiet class of mostly girls that has been unfailingly polite and respectful so far. The last time I had a 9 class I didn’t even learn their names before I left to have Maggie, but I’m trying to put more into this year so that I won’t feel guilty later. Also, it’s necessary field work if I’m to help create an accelerated course for next year’s new program, a huge school-wide undertaking that we started last year. (I’m even travelling for training: two days in a conference room in the sexy Tampa suburbs. Everyone’s more excited about this than I am.)

The other big thing at school is Teija’s news: she’s building a baby boy as we speak. I’m trying not to go mental on her, but it’s really, really hard. She’s lucky that I already gave away my maternity clothes or I’d be hurling them at her and babbling about knitting patterns.


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