Posted by: rocketbride | September 10, 2013

video killed the morning list stars

Sick day…sick, sick day…

Yes, the only thing more classic than a placeholder entry is the ol’ sick day entry. I’m sneezy and achey, so I took the day to lie on the couch, read a new book and eat sunflower seeds. I also spent half the morning getting my kids ready for their day, so I didn’t wuss out completely (just partially). Blake is a big fan of routine, so he gets anxious on my sick days and often demands to go see his grandparents anyway. This morning he ended up staying with me, but it wasn’t a smooth decision, not by a long shot. For her part, Maggie is just getting over her turn with the cold, so she’s feeling fairly clingy and screechy. Last night I left her to drive Blake to his gymnastic lesson and she had a melt-down on the lawn that was nearly comical in its operatic flights of sorrow. Mason and I were laughing even as we tried to comfort her. So this morning I stuck to her like glue, going so far as to use the baby trekker to strap her on while I made a bagel so that she would stop screaming like a pterodacyl. After we had a bit of a walk and some playtime in the sandbox, she was ready for adventures with Ampa, so off she went on the front of the bike and I was left to pursue comfort snacks and the almost-forgotten joys of uninterrupted reading.


I wasn’t always sick, though. Once I wrote an article and made a video to go along with it, and today it was published in Bunch, along with a photo I took of my memento percepi that I didn’t use in that post. This one:

back to school tableau

Right now the video has fewer views than the one with Blake and Sage dancing to “Gagnam Style”, which is right and proper. That video is hilarious.


Speaking of tearing up the wedding dance floor, we went to a family wedding on Saturday, an event so auspicious that we booked a hotel room and got a babysitter for the kids. Mason & the groom are cousins, and used to hangout when they were kids and teenagers. A few of the guests remembered Mason from those days and insisted on calling him nicknames he couldn’t even remember, like “Kramer” and “Ghandi”. The whole thing was a lot of fun, and I loved dancing with Mason to 80’s oldies and 60’s oldies and even some 90’s oldies. I mean, the dj wasn’t Shannon, but it was fun nonetheless. I also got a fair amount of time with Aili, a sweet little cousin that was my Maggie-away-from-home, and her mom Tia. You’d think that I wouldn’t volunteer to change a poopy diaper while dressed in a big pink dress, but if made me feel useful so I went ahead.

There was a lot of drama in the hotel after we went back: cop cars with sirens blazing, exhausted women in beautiful dresses who didn’t want help, and a couple staying with their kids who had intervened when one of the wedding guests started destroying his room. Fortunately Mason and I were apart from the action, and we could go to sleep in our luxurious, playpen-free hotel room without worrying about what drama was still unfolding.


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