Posted by: rocketbride | October 10, 2013

he’s got the music in him

Doing this oldschool, because holy shit, the internet couldn’t be any less convenient right now.

I’ve been dogpaddling lately, struggling to keep healthy with marking and kids lashed to my legs. Exercise has been mostly out the window, along with housework. Forget about writing; I’m lucky if I can steal enough time to shove a load of laundry in before I’m summoned to do something else. I’ve been battling a cold much of the week, and I would have been home wallowing in a normal week, but since these are my last days with my 9’s, I felt like I wanted to have every last second with them, sneezing or not.

I’m not sure it it’s all worth it, but at least I have a long weekend to recover.

Blake has been taking piano lessons for a month now, and I’m noticing some interesting changes in the way he’s acting. Not only is he playing short bursts as he runs by the piano, but he’s also telling me all about the different notes. He’s singing along to the radio – just the choruses, but that’s way more than I’ve heard before. Usually he just gets obsessed with geek parodies of Top 40 songs, or he fixates on one song in our collection. This is the first time he’s been so open to music occurring naturally in his environment. It’s kind of awe-inspiring.

Maggie, in contrast, is a bossy little Bette Midler. Not only does she learn songs quickly, she will sing them over and over when you least expect it. Only a 2 year old gets this excited about the alphabet song, and yet it’s kind of amazing everytime she launches into another round…and then plays with the tempo, just to shake things up.

I think she’s more of a Sage than a Blake, but maybe Blake is starting to catch up to his siblings’ precocious musical attraction. It’s not like the Boy is tone deaf; I’ve been expecting some kind of latent musical love to emerge. It’s nice that it’s finally happening.


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